Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving from hell

Donald Trump has been having a bad week, a bad month, and a bad year. He’s the least popular first-year U.S. President in the history of polling. His Russia scandal is exploding by the minute. His associates are being arrested. Then came Thanksgiving, where he seemed to want to take a break from it all for a day and just do whatever he does in his weird private life. So much for that, however, as Thanksgiving brought Trump some of the worst news of his life.

First came the startling revelation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump’s decision to give Israeli classified intelligence to the Russian government (link), helping to confirm that Mueller really is going after Trump for crimes against the United States, and not merely things like obstruction of justice. But as it turns out, that was just a warm-up act for the bad news that would arrive around the time turkey dinner was being served.

Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser for Donald Trump, has taken steps which make clear he’s negotiating a plea deal with Robert Mueller (link). Flynn knows all of the dirtiest secrets of the Trump campaign and the biggest players in it, meaning that the jig is basically now up. Flynn will either directly take down Trump, or he’ll take down people like Jared Kushner, who in turn will take down Trump. At this point there’s no longer any stopping the inevitable.

So even as Donald Trump tried to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with his fracturing family as the bad news rolled in, two things have become clear. This is the only Thanksgiving that Trump will ever spend as the so-called President of the United States. The way things are going, this may also end up being Donald Trump’s final Thanksgiving as a free man. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report