Donald Trump, you’ve got to be kidding

By now we shouldn’t be surprised that Donald Trump hasn’t bothered to offer condolences over the death of a Trump Tower resident in yesterday’s 50th floor fire. Doing so might be an admission that his precious building was less than perfect. It might also open him up to civil liability, as there’s some argument to be made that his lack of fire sprinklers – though technically legal – was negligent. What is shocking is what Trump has decided to focus on today instead.

Here’s what Trump tweeted on Sunday evening, even as the Trump Tower fire controversy was still playing out: “Congratulations to Patrick Reed on his great and courageous MASTERS win! When Patrick had his amazing win at Doral 5 years ago, people saw his great talent, and a bright future ahead. Now he is the Masters Champion!” That’s right, he’s sitting around watching golf, and tweeting about it. It gets worse.

Trump made a point of throwing in the reference to Doral because that’s his tournament and his golf course. So not only is he tweeting about golf instead of tweeting about the guy who just died in a fire in his building, he’s making a point of plugging another one of his properties. Yet somehow this gets even worse.

We have no quarrel with Patrick Reed, but he’s a white golfer in a largely white sport. So naturally, Donald Trump is making a point of praising him. This stands in sharp contrast to the vicious attacks that Trump has launched at black athletes like Steph Curry and Colin Kaepernick in largely black sports like basketball and football. So not only is Trump watching and tweeting about golf instead of focusing on the tragedy in Trump Tower, and not only is he plugging another one of his properties in the process, he’s also reminding us what a racist he is.

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