Yet another Donald Trump White House adviser abruptly resigns

So many of Donald Trump’s top White House advisers and officials have either resigned or been fired of late, we’ve struggled to keep up with the running list. Hope Hicks and Gary Cohn recently resigned, even as Trump fired Rex Tillerson, David Shulkin, and H.R. McMaster among others. Now we can add the name of yet another Trump White House adviser to the list of the departed.

National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton may not be a household name, but just last year ago Vanity Fair wrote that he was one of Donald Trump’s most influential White House advisers. Now he’s exiting the building, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. No official reason has been given yet for his departure, but based on his position and the specific timing, it’s not difficult to figure it out.

John Bolton is just now taking the reins as Trump’s new National Security Adviser, so it’s not shocking to see that the National Security Council spokesman is beating a path to the door. Either he doesn’t want to work for a warmongering lunatic like Bolton, or Bolton doesn’t want him there and told him to resign.

Either way, this is a reminder that Trump hired John Bolton as his new National Security Adviser at the same time the Cambridge Analytica data theft scandal exploded. Bolton is one of Cambridge Analytica’s biggest customers. This is yet another instance of Trump giving jobs or promotions to people just as they’re becoming ripe suspects in the Trump-Russia scandal, presumably as a way of trying to keep them from testifying against him.

Now that John Bolton’s arrival is already creating major vacancies in the NSC, keep an eye on who ends up filling those roles. Will Donald Trump and Bolton give these jobs to even more people who are tied up in the Trump-Russia scandal?

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