Donald Trump’s jealousy of President Obama may have been what got four U.S. soldiers killed in Niger

Even as Donald Trump continues to try to cover up what four U.S. soldiers were doing in Niger when they were killed in action on October 4th, it’s becoming clear that they were placed more deeply in harm’s way than they should have been. When Trump added Chad to his Muslim ban in late September, it prompted Chad to pull its own support troops from Niger, weakening the U.S. position. So why did Trump add Chad to the list? Four words: jealousy of President Obama.

In recent weeks we’ve seen Trump unilaterally try to sabotage everything from health care reform to the Iran deal, simply because these were President Obama’s accomplishments. Trump has become more desperate than ever to sabotage Obama’s legacy, as he realizes he’ll never be remotely as popular or successful. So it stands to reason that Trump added Chad to the updated version of his Muslim ban four weeks ago, simply because he was trying to sabotage the anti-terrorism military alliance that Obama had carved out with Chad.

If that sounds like a reach, consider that Trump has recently tried to take health insurance away from tens of millions of Americans, and essentially tried to start a nuclear war with Iran, strictly because his jealousy of President Obama has become just that demented. So let’s say Trump added Chad to the ban list in late September as part of his overall desperation to sabotage Obama’s every accomplishment. Trump knew Chad would pull its troops from Niger, and Trump figured he’d have the U.S. military go it alone there, so he could prove to himself that he didn’t need Obama’s dealmaking in order to succeed in Niger.

If this turns out to be the case, then Donald Trump might as well have shot and killed those four U.S. soldiers in Niger himself – and in such case he should be on trial for their murder.

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