It’s a whole new movement now

America’s youth, led by the students of Parkland, are leading another notable movement in America. This movement is on the order of changing movements like Civil Rights, LGBTQ and Me Too. The youth are motivated to address gun control laws, and have the backing of responsible adults supporting their voice. America’s youth are demanding society protect them at least at school. This is something all Americans should willingly support.

“We The People” are the fixers when society is broken. Without our influence on society’s laws special interest groups like the NRA rabidly influence our legislation, creating laws that don’t serve society’s best interest. Some legislators would not cross the NRA prior to Parkland. However, those like Florida governor Rick Scott are finding the courage to work toward sensible gun control laws. This movement led by America’s youth is working! There will be more Rick Scotts as America’s youth continue demanding our legislators make schools safe by passing sensible gun control laws.

The 2nd Amendment is clear as to our rights as private U.S. Citizens having access to guns. It does not guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to guns. Chief Justice Burger said it best “The gun lobby’s interpretation of the 2ND Amendment is one of the greatest pieces of fraud on the American people by special interest groups that I’ve ever seen.”

“We The People” will not stand for the archaic way of yielding votes to special interests like the NRA, instead of us, their constituency. “We The People” have the power. Gun control is no longer just an idea. It’s now a real thing. A movement happening now!

Stephen Farris

Defender of democracy, and perfecting this imperfect union