What the kids are really saying about guns

I assembled a little panel for a Q&A about guns in school and prevention and safety. The panel is made up of my youngest two boys. I have a ninth grader (D9) and eighth grader (D8), who go to school on different campuses. I just asked the questions and let them answer. These are their uncut answers.

What if anything have your teachers said about the mass shooting in Florida?

Both said their schools didn’t address it

What are the students saying to each other?

The students got together in a Snapchat and decided today to walk out of class and stand outside at 10:30 for 17 minutes. One minute per each life lost in Florida.

What do you think about it?

D8-I thought it was tragic that shooter killed his own peers.

D9- I’m so used it that I really didn’t much.

The president has suggested that some teachers have guns at school. Would that make you feel safer?

D8- no. Well depends on the teacher. Certain teachers, maybe. The teachers that I think care about me, I’d feel safer. But the ones where I feel like just another student I wouldn’t.

D9- no. Because they might not know what to do.

Do you have easy access to counseling at school?

Both. Yes.

Would you use it if you thought you needed it?

Both. Yes. Absolutely

What are some things that would make you feel safer at school?

D8- Metal detectors. Plus none of the windows open at my school. I’d feel safer if I could get out a window.

D9- Metal detectors and I don’t feel like I’d survive if a shooter came in using the current drill we are taught.

What do you think could help end these mass shootings?

Both said stricter gun laws.

Do you feel safe in your school?

D9- YES. The city police station is right across the street. Practically on campus.

D8- In some areas. But not in the gym. I feel like anyone could get in there.

I suggest you take time to do this with your own. Some answers will surprise you. Keep in mind, that our kids are future law makers and current game changers. They are more than just video games and Snapchat. One of my personal ideas on helping to stop this is open dialogue with kids. We need to bridge that gap and make them know we hear and see them. If you do this with your kids, let us know what they are saying.

Sonya Daniel

I’m a musician and voice over artist. I’m living blue in a red state. Bless your heart.