Internet mocks fake president Donald Trump after he makes up fake word “Amoung”

What in the name of hell is Amoung? You’d have to ask Donald Trump. That’s the latest new word he’s coined as a result of his seeming near-total inability to read or write. Trump posted a tweet which used the word “Amoung” and then deleted it just a few seconds later, but not before Twitter users (including us) grabbed a screen capture of the fake president’s latest new fake word:

Donald Trump tweeted this masterpiece on Tuesday night:

He then deleted it and replaced it with this new version, which changed “Amoung” to “Among.” Trump was clearly agitated at having had his mistake pointed out to him, and he added some capital letters and exclamation points to Version 2.0 of his tweet to prove it:


Twitter users had fun making up definitions for Amoung, and one asked if that was the name of Trump’s new Ambassador. No spellcheck or autocorrect on any device would ever allow “Amoung” to go uncorrected. So not only did he type Amoung, he then must have rejected the correct “Among” suggestion. In other words, this wasn’t a typo; he really thinks it’s spelled Amoung. If fake president Donald Trump can’t stay off Twitter, perhaps he should try this.

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