Robert Mueller targets Donald Trump’s favorite adviser Hope Hicks – and it’s going to be ugly

No one seems to know what the hell Hope Hicks actually does in the White House, except that she’s a former model who’s in her twenties, and Donald Trump keeps promoting her. Because her work isn’t publicly visible, there’s no way to tell from the outside whether she’s competent or not. Even if she is highly competent, based on Trump’s documented pattern of behavior, it’s widely suspected that he keeps her close for sexist reasons. So he’s not going to like what’s transpiring with Hicks now.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is targeting six current and former White House staffers who were a part of Donald Trump’s plot to cover up the true nature of his son’s meeting with the Russian government, according to a new Washington Post report (link). Two of them are Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, who now have every motivation to flip on Trump in order to save themselves from any possible obstruction charges, after he disloyally pushed them both out of the White House in July. Mueller is also targeting Hope Hicks, who was also part of the conversation when Trump was plotting his son’s lies about Russia.

This is going to quickly get interesting for a few reasons. Trump has long kept Hicks close, and according to various reports, can’t function in the White House without her. She may be the only adviser Trump has left whom he likes and trusts, after having thrown most of the rest of them under the bus for various reasons. If Hicks does crack and begins talking to Mueller, the presumption is that she knows just about everything.

So the big question going forward is whether Hope Hicks will give up Donald Trump in order to avoid facing any criminal obstruction charges, or whether she’ll decide to stand her ground. Trump could offer to pardon her in exchange for her silence – but that would only raise even more questions about why Trump is willing to go so far to protect her.