Hi I’m Bill Palmer. Welcome to Palmer Report.

Hi, I’m Bill Palmer. If you know me at all, it’s likely from my role as the founder and publisher of the news site Daily News Bin. I have the good fortune of being able to report on politics and elections, and I have the greatest audience in the world. As that site continues to expand and firmly find its place in the news world, I look forward to putting my full efforts into it. But there are times when I want to be able to publish in a place more personal, more intimate. Welcome to Palmer Report.

What is Palmer Report? Let’s find out together. It’s a personal editorial experiment, a side project if you will, even as I continue to put my primary focus into Daily News Bin. Nothing has changed with that. But everything evolves.

When I first started Daily News Bin last year, beyond the fact that I knew it would be a political news site, I honestly had no idea where it was going. These things tend to find their own path. I hope that the readers and fans of Daily News Bin will check out what I end up posting on Palmer Report as well.


That’s it. No rules and no predictions for this new site as it gets off the ground. I want to reiterate, as clearly as possible, that nothing has changed with regard to my ongoing role with Daily News Bin, work which I find incredibly fulfilling. But everyone needs a place to go during those spaces in between moments, even compulsive writers like me who spend their spare time writing elsewhere whenever they’re not busy writing for their main writing gig. So let’s see how Palmer Report goes, where it goes, and have some fun with it along the way. For now, check out my first batch of articles.

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