Here comes the shitstorm

I obviously can’t be certain that these amazing young people will continue their crusade until it’s game over for those with NRA blood on their hands, but I think that’s a pretty safe bet. We can only imagine the flurry of projections that realization will bring. I concur with others here: these kids are amazingly brave, resilient, and determined! And they are HONEST – something GOP does not know how to deal with.

Reminds me of a scene out of Crazy People, an old Dudley Moore movie, wherein Moore is an ad executive who realizes he is lying for a living and is put into a posh insane asylum. During his absence from work, the boss convenes the marketing team, sets a bottle of shampoo on the conference table and orders the team to “Just say something honest about it.” They all sit there befuddled because they don’t know how. Ring a bell from a recent town hall?

Those of us who strive for integrity in our daily lives and hold others’ lives in high regard probably can’t even begin to imagine the hatred that will fester, the resentful barbs they will be slinging because, after all, the truth can set us free and, in so doing, our freedom from the NRA running our government will cost the GOP their NRA blood money. Will they be rabid enough to again acuse the brave survivors who are so eloquently speaking out of being paid actors? Or worse? Oh, it’s so much fun to try to be as demented as the GOP folks.

Only time will tell what form their next rabid shitstorm will take but, rest assured, it’s definitely coming. Keep the popcorn handy… And pull out the hip boots, folks, the BS is likely gonna be piling up like crazy.