How to really screw with the gun addicts

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” A key argument that is often heard in the gun debate. I was thinking about this and realized something. Unless you bludgeon someone to death with a gun, I guess you could say there is some truth to it. Guns themselves don’t necessarily kill people.
Before everyone gets up in arms (pun intended) over my apparent defense of the indefensible, let me throw out this little thought nugget.

Perhaps we are focusing too much attention on banning assault rifles and other various firearms. Perhaps we are wasting our breath on what age you need to be to purchase a gun. Perhaps we need to give the NRA some breathing room and redirect our efforts to a different potential solution to save lives.
How about…we ban the ammo? Seriously.

Give anyone a gun who wants it. Man, woman, child. Shotgun, rifle… hell, give them an Uzi. Let the people who think they need to tote a frighteningly large firearm to appear intimidating and strong the opportunity to fulfill their warped dream. And let them loose like Ralphie with his Red Ryder on Christmas morning. With an empty shell that delivers nothing more than air, thoughts, and prayers.

You see, a gun is merely a vehicle that transports life-ending bullets into the victims. If we can keep the bullets out, the gun is rendered useless.
I realize this is completely out of the box and logistically near impossible. But it’s an example of the thinking we will need to deploy in order to drive positive change in these times to counter this rabbit hole world we’ve fallen into. Plus it’s fun to envision a bunch of grown men running around with useless pieces of weaponry making high-pitched “Pew pew pew” noises. Just saying.

Kristin Karnitz

Perpetually exhausted Boy Mom. Lover of Country Over Party. Feet, floor, coffee, door.