Donald Trump has hallucinatory meltdown in bizarre new interview

For months, Palmer Report and others have been pointing out that Donald Trump’s mental faculties have been in sharp and accelerating decline. His tweets are incoherent. When he goes off-prompter during speeches, he becomes unintelligible. Even Republican Senator Bob Corker is acknowledging that Trump can’t function without his babysitters. Trump’s bizarre new interview serves to underscore that point, as it ranges from delusional to outright hallucinatory.

Donald Trump spoke at length with Randall Lane of Forbes Magazine for a feature story. The first detail to get outsized attention has been Trump’s insistence that he and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson should compare IQ test scores, a fittingly idiotic response to Tillerson’s earlier assertion that Trump is a “moron.” But other aspects of this interview serve to demonstrate just how far removed from reality Trump has become. It’s not just that he’s lying, which he’s always done. It’s that he appears to actually believe some of the hallucinatory claims he’s making – and he appears to expect that the public will believe this stuff as well.

At one point in the interview, Trump brags about all the major legislation that he and the Republican Congress have passed since he took office. Of course in reality, everyone knows that his dysfunctional nature has helped prevent the Republicans from being able to pass anything of importance. At another point, Trump says how pleased he is that the Senate had just announced his campaign had no collusion with Russia – but the Senate didn’t announce any such thing. There are plenty more examples.

What might be most remarkable about this Donald Trump interview is that his newly promoted White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was sitting beside him the entire time. According to the transcript, at multiple points, as his answers began to go off the rails, she interjected and tried to wrap up the interview prematurely. In each instance, Trump overruled her and kept babbling. He can’t even function with supervision. Read the entire bizarre Forbes interview here.