Donald Trump responds to Las Vegas shooting by hiring new senior adviser who’s a total gun nut

In the days after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, which shook mainstream Americans to their core and strengthened the majority’s resolve in demanding increased gun control, Donald Trump has shown precious little leadership of any kind. Now he’s finally making a major move which relates to guns: he’s hiring a clearly demented gun addict as his latest White House senior adviser.

Trump is hiring J. Hogan Gidley as a White House Deputy Press Secretary, according to a tweet from CNN reporter Jim Acosta (link). Gidley has previously worked for violent, gun-addicted faux-Christian white supremacist Mike Huckabee, but not that much is known about Gidley himself. So we visited his Twitter profile, and we promptly found this:

That’s right, as of the time of publication of this article, J. Hogan Gidley has a Twitter profile picture in which he’s holding a gun in one hand and a dead animal in the other. If he’s a gun owner and a hunter, then so be it. But when your profile picture consists of you holding a gun in your hand, it’s clear that your entire worldview is based on gun addiction and violent bloodlust for killing things. In his Twitter bio directly under his jarringly violent profile picture, he defines himself as being “Christ alone” – suggesting he’s one of those demented conservatives who equates violent bloodlust with a perverted version of Christianity.

Although J. Hogan Gidley’s Twitter account @JHoganGidley is not verified by Twitter itself, recent tweets from Mike Huckabee and Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirm that this really is him. This means that Donald Trump has finally responded to the Las Vegas shooting, by hiring someone who appears to have a dangerously unstable relationship with guns. Trump’s base will love this hire, but his support base is shrinking – and real Americans will simply be horrified by this.