Donald Trump’s “good guys with guns” theory has already failed him

By now you’ve probably heard that there was a trained police officer outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas that didn’t go in to protect the children and teachers. While you can feel any way you want about his inaction, that’s not the main reason I am writing this. It’s to point out the fact that the “good guys with guns” system Donald Trump and the NRA are proposing didn’t even last 24 hours and didn’t save one life.

The lies and stupidity out of this White House are just too much to believe, but its a normal daily occurance. It’s become normalized, and we were warned over and over not to let happen. It’s like they have no memory of history or even an adequate research team, when they push the idea that “gun free zone” signs are a magnet for killers, and an armed response is the only option.

Do they not realize these killers are going where they’re familiar, and most of these horrific incidents end in suicide. They aren’t concerned about a sign. If they worked at a bank and snapped, that’s where they might go snap at, and a sign or fear of death wont stop them.

So, as we just saw, the “good guys with guns” notion failed miserably. And this was a police officer. That’s not to excuse what he did or didn’t do. If he acted, he more than likely would’ve lost his life, maybe could’ve saved a few kids, but both those are unknown. Real life is not the movie “Die Hard” where one outgunned police officer can take his pistol up against a machine gun and win.

Kc Childs

Just a guy and his dog, looking for truth in a world of fake news