The real trouble with Donald Trump’s base

I often wonder how much Donald Trump actually believes of the nonsense that is spewed forth from his mouth. It’s impossible to determine what he truly feels as he frequently contradicts something he said minutes prior – all recorded for the world to see – and then swears he never uttered those words. Maybe he just says whatever he thinks that, at that time, will energize his racist, hateful, ignorant base. No matter how foul, repulsive, and iniquitous his claims, it appears his supporters eat it up, believing every word, then repeating it verbatim, regardless of the accuracy or validity.

While it’s difficult these days to tell the difference between an actual rabid Trump supporter and a Russian bot, one thing is clear. There has never been such a cult-like obsession over an American politician. There have been great presidents, well respected and admired by many, but who were never worshipped and praised by their supporters quite the way Trump supporters are currently acting. Despite a multitude of evidence showing that Trump sold out his country, these people appear in a trance, unwilling to listen to reason or facts.

This period in American history will be studied, analyzed, and dissected for centuries by psychologists, historians, and even conspiracy theorists for case studies, doctorate theses, dissertations, and just for fun. My main concern is how his supporters will react when Special Counsel Robert Mueller presents indisputable evidence that Trump is a traitor and he’s removed from office.

What percent of them will snap out of this hate induced haze? How many will take to the streets in protest? We will deal with that issue when it happens but right now the most important thing to worry about is removing Trump, and those who are complicit in protecting him, from power as soon as possible.

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.