Donald Trump’s own adviser admits Trump has gone senile

We’ve all seen the anecdotal evidence piling up that Donald Trump has rapidly devolved into senility over the past months. We’ve seen him repeatedly get confused and wander out of his own events in the middle of them. We’ve seen him lose his grip during speeches, go off-prompter, and begin speaking in pure gibberish. We’re not the only ones seeing it. One of Trump’s own advisers is now admitting that Trump has gone senile and that he’s being shielded.

“He’s lost a step” is what you say to others when you’re trying to diplomatically describe the depleted mental faculties of a friend or family member whom you care about. So when we’ve got a Donald Trump adviser saying that Trump has “lost a step” in a Vanity Fair expose (link) it means there’s a real problem. Here’s the full quote: “He’s lost a step. They don’t want him doing adversarial TV interviews.”

That’s nothing more than a polite way of saying that Donald Trump has gone senile. His own staff knows it, and they’re now trying to shield him to the point that they’re trying to keep him from doing any real interviews where his senility might be exposed. That fear comes with good reason. Trump gave an interview to Forbes Magazine (link) in which he didn’t say a coherent thing the entire time. The full transcript reveals that adviser Hope Hicks was sitting next to him, and repeatedly tried to end the interview early as Trump kept saying senile things.

What truly stands out here is that one of Donald Trump’s advisers is now willing to say to a reporter – even in polite and diplomatic words – that Trump has gone senile. This thoroughly undercuts what little grasp on the presidency Trump has left. The adviser seems to be trying to hasten Trump’s ouster.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report