Get off the stage, bozo

If there weren’t such objectively strong reasons to despise Donald Trump, and such an objectively strong need for this to end badly for him so no one will ever try it again, I’d almost feel sorry for him. Here’s a man who’s been failing at business his entire life, has had to cower to thugs around the world just to stay afloat, and – now that he’s trying to fend off a nearly inevitable prison sentence – has too few of his marbles left to even figure out how to respond.

The remarkable part is that Donald Trump is now jointly owned by so many overlords, he can’t seem to keep them all happy no matter what he does. Pull out of Syria in order to keep his Russian and Turkish debt holders happy? Sure, but enrage his Saudi Arabian debt holders in the process. Cave on the border wall? Lose his base. Shut the government down over the border wall? Lose everyone else.

It’s not just that Trump is in a no-win situation. It’s that he’s now playing with such a small fraction of a full deck, it doesn’t feel like he could navigate this even if there were a way to do so. It’s not just that he’s suddenly desperate to make his wall happen, and that some corrupt vendor has obviously sold him on the idea of using steel slats. It’s that he just posted a drawing of his wall/fence thing this evening, and it’s such a simplistic joke, it looks like it was made by a two year old monkey.

Donald Trump has no idea how to fend off what’s happening to him, or at this point even slow it down. He also clearly has no one left around him with even a smidgeon of competence who can help him. Trump is going to prison, his assets will be seized, and his family will be destroyed. But he’s the most corrupt criminal in American history, so that’s his problem. As far as America is concerned, this bozo just needs to get off the stage before the felony counts pile up any higher.