Donald Trump unleashes reckless, bizarre, traitorous Trump-Russia endgame

It’s been clear to everyone involved that Donald Trump’s Russia scandal would take him down eventually. It’ll end his presidency, and set him up for a brutal final few years of his life in which he faces one criminal trial after another, and dies penniless in prison. The only real question has been how Trump would react once it became clear to him that his life is over. As of today we’re seeing the answer to that question โ€“ and it’s almost Putin-esque in nature.

Trump has decided that he’s going to teach an ugly and potentially deadly lesson to those who have dared to testify against him in the Russia scandal. He’s decided to make an example out of Bill Browder, an international political activist who testified before Congress that Donald Trump Jr and the Russian government were colluding to rig the election when they met in 2016. Browder’s testimony is already set in stone, and Trump can’t do anything to get it off the books. But Trump is taking advantage of Browder’s British citizenship to try to actively trying to destroy โ€“ and endanger โ€“ his life.

Browder confirmed today via Twitter that the Russian government issued a warrant for his arrest on a phony murder charge, and that the Donald Trump administration has simultaneously revoked his visa (link). This prevents Browder from entering the United States, and thus makes him more vulnerable to Putin’s murderous ways.


Donald Trump is literally trying to get a witness against him killed, in the hope of scaring others out of testifying against him. In so doing, Trump is committing obstruction of justice, which Special Counsel Robert Mueller will attempt to nail him for. Trump is also conspiring with a foreign enemy to try to murder an innocent man, which is traitorous. If anything, it’ll only help ensure that Trump spends the rest of his miserable life in prison. Contribute to Palmer Report

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