Jimmy Carter is playing Donald Trump like a fiddle

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President Jimmy Carter announced today that he believes the media is being harder on Donald Trump than it has been on past Presidents. This set off shockwaves, both because everyone knows Carter doesn’t actually believe that, and Carter has long made clear that he views Trump as a disgusting piece of crap like the rest of us do. Braindead headlines are suddenly declaring that Trump has won over Carter – but that’s rather clearly not what’s going on here.

Follow the timeline of events. Last month, all five living former U.S. Presidents unveiled a charitable partnership, which has allowed them to begin speaking with one voice. Yesterday, Jimmy Carter announced that he would like to help Donald Trump solve the North Korea crisis. Last night, Carter and the other four Presidents all got together for a benefit concert. This morning, after the five of them presumably finished hashing out their anti-Trump strategy, Carter announced that he thinks the media is too hard on Trump. It’s not difficult to piece this together.

Trump is a narcissist, and the easiest way to win him over is to play into his own narcissistic delusions. Trump complains almost daily that the media is too hard on him. President Carter is trying to butter up Trump by subtly echoing this notion, so that Trump will allow Carter to step in on North Korea. From there, Carter may be able to prevent a war by buttering up both of these goons, Trump and Kim Jong-Un.


At the least, a whole lot of lives could be saved. It would likely leave Donald Trump looking even more inept in the eyes of the American mainstream, after a ninety year old former President steps in and cleans up Trump’s inept mess with North Korea. The most likely net result is that peace is achieved, and Trump becomes even weaker in the process. The five former Presidents are now coordinating on everything, and their strategy has become clear: even as the conservative George W. Bush undermines Trump by publicly slamming him, the liberal Jimmy Carter undermines Trump by playing him like a fiddle.

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