Donald Trump’s latest violent fantasy should land him in a rubber room

In Donald Trump’s hideously broken mind, this apparently isn’t even about guns anymore. You can feel however you want about the police officers who apparently refused to enter Stoneman Douglas High School because they knew they and their pistols would be no match for the kid with his semiautomatic weapon. Trump is condemning them for it, which is his right, but now he’s taking things further. Much further. Derangedly further.

Trump is now insisting that he would have run into the school to try to stop the shooter, even if he didn’t have a gun to fire back with. Uh, no, he wouldn’t have. We all saw how quickly he ducked for cover after someone began making a disturbance in the crowd during one of his speeches just before election day. We’ve all seen him going around with bodyguards, even before he entered politics. We know who he is.

What’s so insulting about this particular new fantasy of his is that unlike him, there are people who would have been willing to put themselves in harm’s way to try to save those kids. In fact some Stoneman Douglas students and staff took bullets while trying to shield other kids from the gunfire. The dark reality is that the heroes of that shooting are either in the hospital or dead, because that kind of selfless bravery comes at a huge personal cost.

That kind of sacrifice is not something that a malignant narcissist Donald Trump would ever understand. He’s trying to make it sound like he’d have run into the school like Rambo and grabbed the shooter with his bare hands and magically fixed everything, because he’s just that amazing and powerful. That’s a disgusting insult to the heroes and victims of these kinds of shootings. It’s also the latest sign that Trump’s violent fantasies should land him in a rubber room. It’s not safe for someone as deranged as Trump to be walking the streets, let alone running the country.

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