Robert Mueller is taking down Donald Trump. He’s also bulldozing America’s foreign and domestic enemies.

Robert Mueller is going to take down Donald Trump in the end. Why am I so confident about that? Wealthy and powerful people usually get away with their crimes, but only because they have the resources to conceal those crimes to begin with. Once people’s crimes are investigated and exposed, they tend to go down for it. But Mueller isn’t only going to take Trump and his goons down. Based on Mueller’s latest moves, he’s going to wipe out an entire generation of foreign and domestic criminals who have been conspiring against America for some time.

Take a look at what all Mueller has been charging people with over the past ten days. He didn’t simply hit Rick Gates and Paul Manafort with the kind of charges that would pressure them to flip on Donald Trump. He made a point of charging them for all of the corrupt political lobbying practices they’ve been carrying out for the past several years. Every financially shady political operative in America is now going to have to think twice, for fear they’ll be the next to get busted. But this runs much deeper and broader than merely lobbying.

Mueller officially dragged Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher into the fray this week. Anyone who’s been paying attention for the past several years has known that something isn’t right when it comes to Rohrabacher’s slavish political allegiance to the Kremlin, which predates Trump’s entry into politics. Rohrabacher has gotten away with it because, well, frankly, who was going to launch a fishing expedition into an obscure Congressman in the hope of getting lucky and uncovering his true reasons for bowing down to Putin? But now Mueller has every foreign-controlled member of Congress worrying about being next.

Then we have Mueller’s indictments against the Russians who conspired to rig the election in Trump’s favor. He can’t bring them here and put them on trial, but he did just ruin the lives of some of them by ensuring they’ll never be able to so much as make a business trip to a nation that has an extradition treaty with the United States. Maybe the next batch of would-be foreign election riggers will think twice, for fear of the consequences. Mueller is also digging into foreign banks that have tried to work around sanctions to float shady loans to shady Americans. He’s even busted an obscure attorney this week for misleading the investigation, presumably to help send the message that trying to sabotage the FBI is not okay.

Robert Mueller has been handed a once in a lifetime opportunity to use the Trump-Russia investigation to not only make Donald Trump answer for his crimes, but to also clean up every bit of foreign and domestic corruption and lawlessness that helped set the stage for the Trump-Russia scandal. Best we can tell, he’s taking advantage of the chance to wipe a whole bunch of these types out, and the scare the rest into playing things a bit more straight going forward.

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