Donald Trump threatens to take his ball and go home

What is it with this President? Apparently he just lets what he thinks are his “good ideas” flow out of his mouth without thinking. One of his recent brainy ideas is to withdraw all Federal agents from California, as reported by CNN. This is a threat aimed at a population that did not vote for him, certainly. But it is most obviously a threat to his big ideas for preventing immigration. In fact, it would allow the borders in California to open right up.

Everyone has seen photos of the border crossing at San Diego. Imagine lanes of traffic moving freely because there are no border guards. Imagine everyone’s glee at the potential of not having to stop and delay the journey north. No more need to have a car or its occupants searched. Imagine the immigration through that one “hole” in the president’s Wall.

It’s troubling to hear his ideas emerge into words while the thought, strategy and intelligence is lacking. This is supposed to be the President of the United States, a position that used to command respect. The person who currently holds the Office is doing his level best to confound his base (a smaller and smaller group), scare the general populous, assure the nation and the rest of the world that he is nothing short of insane and create enough havoc to assure any thinking individual that we are on the precipice of some sort of life changing disaster.

When Trump speaks or tweets, we are forced to listen because, after all, he’s the President. The fact that he lies, manufactures situations, creates anxiety for many and simply will not act like he’s the President should be alarming to us all.

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