Donald Trump’s goons are eating each other alive

Wow. The stories coming out of CPAC are deliciously cringeworthy. You have the most prominent conservative voices using time with their audience to rail against… their own brethren? The mention of John McCain, a modern day DC cornerstone, a POW veteran, a man battling a vicious form of brain cancer…brings boos? Boos led by the President of the United States, no less. Boos because one time, he dared vote against the grain on healthcare.

It was revealed that Michael Steele, former RNC Chair, apparently was only hired because he’s a “black guy,” which in retrospect was “the wrong thing to do.” What does that say about current RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel? Hey Ronna, do you think in a few years your name will be dragged after being hired because you’re “a woman?” You may want to prepare yourself for that possibility.

When this room filled with “Family Values” voters heard conservative writer Mona Charen bravely and correctly mention that perhaps these family values held so dear were not being executed in the manner that they ought to be (read: Roy Moore is a pedophile, President Trump isn’t EXACTLY respectful to women and extramarital affairs are frequently overlooked if you have an (R) by your name), she was booed profusely and needed to be escorted out for her own safety.
It’s “Mean Girls” come to life at CPAC.

To see this type of abusive behavior directed at members within their own party casts a spotlight on how merciless these people are. If you don’t fall in exact step with every voice in that room, you become a pariah. It signals to me that the GOP has now swung so far to the right, it’s generated an internal identity crisis. Behavior like this is going to send moderate conservatives fleeing to a new trail. Because with friends like these…

Kristin Karnitz

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