Donald Trump was lying when he said reveal his Russian hacking revelation by yesterday

Remember back on New Years Eve when Donald Trump told a pool of reporters that he knew things other people didn’t know about the Russian hacking situation, and that he would reveal it by Tuesday or Wednesday? If you called bullshit on all of the above at the time, you win the prize, because it turns out he was lying on both counts.

Trump was trying to make it sound as if he had secret information which could prove the intelligence community wrong, after it unanimously concluded that Russia had indeed rigged the election in his favor. But Trump unwittingly gave up the game when he subsequently tweeted that his intelligence briefing on the hacking had been “delayed until Friday.” In other words, he was only ever referring to making an announcement after the intelligence community had told him what was going on, and he didn’t have any information of his own.

Worse, best anyone can tell, Trump’s briefing was always going to take place on Friday, and he simply appeared to not know what part of the week it was scheduled for when he said “Tuesday or Wednesday.” So now we finally have the story straight: Trump had no information of his own and he was lying when he claimed he did. Trump also had no idea what day his briefing was scheduled for. But then some of you saw that coming.

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