Donald Trump is going down for Russian money laundering, and now there’s nothing he can do to stop it

A funny thing happened last night: the United States Treasury Department gave in. For months it had been trying to fend off the Senate Intelligence Committee’s attempts at getting its hands on the records pertaining to a 2015 money laundering bust of Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal casino. But now the Treasury has finally caved, giving up the documents that will lead to Donald Trump’s demise, both as a president and as a free man.

How can I be so sure of it? Because the Treasury fought so hard not to turn over these documents. Was Trump’s newly appointed Treasury Secretary trying to run interference on his behalf? Has the Treasury simply been trying to cover for the fact that, aside from an obscure press release buried on its own website, it never bothered to tell anyone that it busted Donald Trump for money laundering just as he was gearing up to enter the presidential race? I bet they’d like to have that decision back. Surely the American people would.

But regardless of why they caved, they did in fact cave. Senator Mark Warner revealed last night on-air during the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC that the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has indeed just forked over thousands of pages of evidence (link). This is the motherlode that we’ve all been waiting for. These documents will identify which Russians were laundering their money through Trump’s casino, which in turn is going to point to who’s been loaning him money, who’s been floating his bankrupt businesses for the past decade, and whom in Russia he answers to.


These documents from the Treasury Department are going to give the Senate Intel Committee everything it needs to make the case to the American people that Donald Trump is in fact a Russian patsy. It’ll degrade his already-eroding approval rating even further. And it’ll create an environment in which the public will accept nothing less than justice. Trump will be impeached, either by nervous Republicans now, or by ferocious Democrats after the midterms. And with the financial crimes that are about to be uncovered, he won’t escape prison when it’s all said and done. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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