U.S. Treasury turns over thousands of pages of financial crime records on Donald Trump and Russia

For quite some time, the Senate Intelligence Committee has waged a bipartisan effort to get the FinCEN financial crimes unit of the U.S. Treasury to turn over documents that connect Donald Trump to everything from money laundering to Russia. The Treasury had been fighting this move all along, but has now given in and officially surrendered the documents that Trump did not want the Senate to have.

That news was broken by Senator Mark Warner, the ranking member of the Senate Intel Committee, when he appeared live on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show on Tuesday evening. Warner revealed that FinCEN has surrendered thousands of pages of Donald Trump documents, and that the committee is working through them as we speak. Based on what’s already known about these documents, they may be the smoking gun that connects Trump financially to Russia.

Back on April 15th of this year, Palmer Report’s investigative team uncovered an obscure press release buried in the FinCEN website which revealed that the Trump Taj Mahal casino had been fined $10 million in early 2015 for a series of money laundering violations which took place back when Donald Trump still held ownership in it (link) – a story which had not previously been reported elsewhere. The Senate Intel Committee got wind of our reporting, and shortly thereafter, it asked FinCEN for the full documents from its investigation (link). These documents confirm whether the Trump Taj Mahal’s money laundering partner was in fact Russia.

We believe that the Trump Taj Mahal money laundering investigation records are in fact part of the thousands of pages of documents that FinCEN has now surrendered to the Senate Intel Committee. If these records reveal that it was the Russians who were laundering money through Donald Trump’s casino, it will establish that Trump and Russia were doing illegal financial business together, as has long been suspected. The other FinCEN documents are likely to be an incriminating treasure trove as well. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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