Donald Trump fires FBI Director James Comey, thus ensuring his own demise as well

If you turn on your television right now, you’ll learn that Donald Trump has just fired FBI Director James Comey. I’m telling you right now that this is the end of Trump’s presidency. Kaput. It’s over. Start the clock Trump’s own departure, because this is the one move that Trump was never going to get away with – and now he’s flat out screwed.

Sure, Donald Trump can now try to install his own puppet as the new FBI Director. But good luck getting congressional approval in the confirmation process. Few in either party in the Senate are going to be willing to approve any new Director who’s obviously being brought in to sabotage the FBI’s investigation into Trump and Russia. Further, Trump just admitted that he’s guilty on all counts, and everyone knows it. Even his own base won’t be able to defend him on this move. So what now?

Look for immediate public pushback from a number of leaders of both parties in Congress. Look for wall to wall negative media coverage condemning Donald Trump for this move, and calling for and end to his presidency. And look for approval rating to drop five points by week’s end, because no one in the middle will give him even a sliver of benefit of the doubt after this.

When you’re the President of the United States and you fire the person whose job it is to investigate you, there are only two words to describe you: “Richard Nixon.” And we all know how things turned out for Nixon. Donald Trump is about to find that out the hard way. Start the clock on Trump’s demise, because now the whole country will take him down over his scandal. Call the moving van to come get his personal effects. Donald Trump is finished. Help fund Palmer Report

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