Donald Trump is toast after firing FBI Director James Comey today; everything will leak now

FBI Director James Comey has been fired today by Donald Trump. Comey was an enigma wrapped in riddle whose intentions were often barely understood. He was at times hated by the left and right, and he was certainly guilty of meddling in the 2016 election to the point that he no longer deserved to have his job. But Comey didn’t deserve to go out like this today. Or maybe he did. But Donald Trump just accelerated his own demise by firing him.

Sure, Trump may or may not have managed to temporarily sidetrack the FBI’s ongoing massive official investigation into his own criminal behavior and Russian election collusion. But here’s what happens now: everything will leak. If the U.S. intel community knows that it no longer has any chance of taking down Trump through official channels, then it no longer has any reason to continue sitting on the evidence it’s amassed for what would have been an eventual DOJ case. So much will begin leaking from so many places, Trump and his team won’t be able to crack down on anyone involved. And this is just the beginning of the immediate blowback against Trump.

James Comey was handpicked to be the FBI Director by the Republican leadership just a couple years ago, as part of a compromise deal with President Obama. That means the Republicans in Congress can’t afford to side with Trump on this firing. There’s no just cause for it. Everyone knows Trump did it simply to try to fend off the investigation into his own scandals. Everyone knows he did it one day after Sally Yates finally testified. And if the Republicans try to throw Comey under the bus, everyone will be reminded that Comey was their guy to begin with. The GOP will have to either come out against Trump on this, or stay silent and let the Democrats destroy Trump over it.

But how the Republican leadership deals with this is its own problem. The leaks from the intel community will now come fast and furious, and they’ll provide evidence of Donald Trump being so overwhelmingly guilty of criminal and traitorous behavior that the political pushback against him will be like nothing ever seen in the history of the United States. What Trump did today was extraordinarily stupid, because it’s merely accelerated his demise – and now the media plays a more vital role than ever. Help fund Palmer Report

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