Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated – and yes, it’s directly Donald Trump’s fault

In the days since Donald Trump was named “president-elect” of the United States, the destabilizing fallout has come fast and furious. Trump spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin just after the election, and immediately after that phone call, Russia began destroying the city of Aleppo. And now that genocide appears to have led to the assassination of Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey today, setting up those two nations for a potential war.

Connecting the dots between Donald Trump’s reckless actions and today’s assassination is rather easy. The CIA has already concluded that Russia tried to rig the election to install Trump as President of the United States.

Combine this with the fact that Trump is massively in financial debt to Russia, and it’s not difficult to see why he gave Putin the greenlight to wipe out everyone and everything in Aleppo immediately after he was named the winner. And by the gunman’s own clear admission after pulling the trigger, today’s assassination is a direct result of Putin’s bulldozing of Aleppo.

So there you have it: Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and his reckless desire to please his personal overlord Vladimir Putin has led to the assassination of an Ambassador. Even as we wait to see whether this killing leads to a war between Turkey and Russia, it’s worth noting that Turkey is a NATO member and thus the United States is bound by treaty to defend it. But does anyone think Trump will defend Turkey, if Russia uses this as an excuse to invade?

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