Donald Trump takes his creepiness to a whole new level

Donald Trump is such a racist, a career criminal, a serial sexual assaulter, a traitor, a monster, and a punchline all rolled into one, it’s easy to forget that he’s also one of the flat out creepiest people on the planet. This is, after all, the weirdo creep who spent the debate stalking around behind Hillary Clinton, while at one point appearing to stop and dry hump a chair. Now he’s taking his creepiness to a whole new level.

Even if Trump weren’t the biggest piece of crap on earth, even if he weren’t a mentally unstable and dangerously deranged criminal, he’d still be such a weirdo that you’d cross the street to avoid having to walk next to him on the sidewalk. From time to time, even as he’s sadistically locking immigrant kids in cages and posting tweets that should be grounds for forced institutionalization, he stops and makes a point of reminding us that he is, in fact, a creep as well.

Yesterday, as Donald Trump was psychotically ranting and raving about various Department of Justice figures, he made a point of referring to one of the women as “lovely” and one of the other women as “beautiful.” Considering that he was attacking these women and falsely accusing them of conspiring to commit serious crimes against him, these references were almost almost inconceivably out of place. This is the kind of over-the-top nonsense that a cartoon villain would say once he’d reached the point of becoming completely unhinged from reality, and was preparing to throw himself off a bridge anyway.

Donald Trump is so uniquely creepy that when he typed “text massages” instead of “text messages” while he was falsely accusing these women of crimes and praising them for their physical beauty, you almost have to wonder if he did it on purpose. It’s difficult to recall another individual on the world stage who has been this fundamentally repulsive – and that’s before getting to the fact that he’s a racist, a career criminal, a serial sexual assaulter, and a traitor. If he doesn’t make your skin crawl, you may not be human.

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