Rudy Giuliani goes off deep end as Robert Mueller closes in

If Lionel Richie was easy like Sunday morning, then Rudy Giuliani has been queasy all Sunday morning. He’s been ranting today since long before the sun came up, starting off with an incoherent screed about President Obama. From there he moved on to one of his most whacked out rants to date, and naturally, it’s about how Robert Mueller is closing in on him and Donald Trump in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Rudy started his rant by tweeting this: “AG Sessions should appoint an Independent Counsel to investigate the investigators starting with the fraudulent Steele dossier and including Comey’s leaking, perjury and his own obstruction of justice. Time to restore Justice to the Department of …….” Yep, that’s where he stopped, and decided to start a new tweet. He went to all that trouble to set up the “Justice to the Department of Justice” punchline, which isn’t witty to begin with, and then he screwed it up by cutting it in half. Even though he was running out of characters, he could have fit the word “Justice” in place of all those dots. It got even worse.

Even if Attorney General Jeff Sessions weren’t recused from the Trump-Russia investigation, he wouldn’t be able to appoint an Independent Counsel, because the Independent Counsel Statute expired in 1999. Rudy probably means “Special Counsel.” The mixup wouldn’t be a big deal if the average person got it wrong, but Rudy Giuliani is supposed to be Donald Trump’s lawyer. And for the record, whatever you think of James Comey, he didn’t leak anything, he didn’t commit perjury, and he didn’t commit obstruction.

Half an hour later Rudy Giuliani still hadn’t finished his tweet, meaning that this wasn’t a multi-part rant after all, and if Rudy somehow decided to end his thought with all those dots on purpose. Again, this is the attorney representing the supposed “President” of the United States.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report