Why is the creator of the Women’s March on Washington blacklisting Hillary Clinton’s name?

The Women’s March on Washington is set to take place on Saturday, with tens of thousands of women and men turning out to march in solidarity in protest of Donald Trump’s illegitimate election and inauguration. The event should be all inclusive and highly influential, considering the media coverage it’s likely to get. But a controversy has exploded in which the creator of the march listed dozens of women as honorees, but made a point of leaving off Hillary Clinton.

The backlash against the Women’s March creator, Linda Sarsour, who has offered up one bizarre excuse after another in various social media posts and comments for omitting Clinton’s name. But the bottom line appears to be that she simply hates Hillary Clinton because she’s a die hard Bernie Sanders fanatic, and she’s looking for one more opportunity to rub Hillary’s nose in it. This has caused backlash from Hillary supporters and Bernie supporters alike, who view Sarsour’s petty symbolic move as a needless distraction at a time when all who stand against Donald Trump are attempting to come together.

To that end, those participating in the Women’s March have started a change.org petition aimed at prompting Sarsour to change her mind and add Hillary Clinton’s name to the list. Thus far it already has thousand of signatures as the social media uproar against Sarsour’s pettiness continues to grow into the evening.

With backlash against Linda Sarsour growing by the hour, it threatens to distract from the intended focus of the Women’s March on Washington. It’s not clear why Sarsour is willing to put the effectiveness of her own event at risk for such a trivial reason, and yet thus far she’s still refusing to budge. Among the thousands of replies she’s receiving on Twitter and Facebook over the matter, many women are saying that they’re marching specifically in support of Hillary Clinton.

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