White House staffers panicking about “cranky” Donald Trump’s deteriorating mental state

In yet another cry for help, Donald Trump’s own White House staffers are once again leaking the dangerous extent to which his mental state is deteriorating. This time they’re feeding behind-the-scenes details of Trump’s upcoming overseas trip to the media, for the sole purpose of telegraphing just how far gone Trump is. The details being leaked are beyond scary.

Trump’s own people are now telling the Washington Post that they’re not sure about whether to have him attend a particular summit, because they’re “worried he could get cranky, leading to unpredictable or undiplomatic behavior.” (link). Things have gotten so bad inside the White House that not only are Trump’s own people treating him like an unstable invalid, they’re so panicked about it that they’re blabbing to the media about how much of an unstable invalid he’s become. This isn’t the only cry for help when it comes to Donald Trump.

The same day the WaPo piece surfaced, Republican Senator Bob Corker tweeted “Alert the Daycare Staff” after Donald Trump’s latest bizarre Twitter meltdown. Republican Senator Jeff Flake condemned Trump as being dangerous. Republican Senator John McCain has spent all week slamming Trump from various angles. Republican former President George W. Bush gave a speech condemning Trump. But the voices of concern coming from inside the White House are the most damning, because these are Trump’s own people, and they’re doing this based on what they’re seeing out of him behind closed doors.

This comes after a Vanity Fair profile last week in which Trump’s staffers also voiced concern about his declining mental capacity. Corker also revealed today that Trump’s staff has privately asked him multiple times to intervene because Trump was going too far off the deep end. In other words Donald Trump is in mental, cognitive, and psychological freefall – and it’s well past time for the 25th Amendment.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report