Republicans move to take down GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher as Trump-Russia scandal closes in on him

Dana Rohrabacher is so blatantly a Russian puppet, his fellow Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy accused him last year of being on Vladimir Putin’s payroll. Since that time Rohrabacher has taken things even further, meeting with fellow Russian puppet Julian Assange in an attempt to negotiate a pardon. Now the Republican Party is making moves to try to take Rohrabacher down, presumably because it fears he’s about to be taken down by the Trump-Russia scandal anyway.

House Republicans officially neutered Dana Rohrabacher on Tuesday by taking away his ability to travel overseas to conduct official business, and by taking away his ability to hold committee hearings, according to a Daily Beast report (link). The moves leave Rohrabacher largely unable to do his job. This is the closest the House can come to shutting down one of its members, short of expulsion – and it’s nothing short of shocking to see the House majority do it to a member of their own party who hasn’t been formally charged with any crime. That may be about to change.

Even as House Republicans moved to distract from Donald Trump’s Russia scandal by trying to create a phony Obama-Hillary-Russia scandal today, they’re suddenly marching Dana Rohrabacher toward the door today for a reason. They’re locking him down for fear that he’ll continue trying to do Putin’s bidding in the Trump-Russia scandal. But they wouldn’t be worried about that one way or the other, unless they believe Rohrabacher is about to become a central figure in the scandal.

This is, in effect, an attempt by the Republican Party at insulating itself from Dana Rohrabacher before the ceiling drops on him. What do they know that we don’t? Is Special Counsel Robert Mueller targeting Rohrabacher as part of his investigation? What do they think is about to come out about Rohrabacher’s role in the Trump-Russia scandal?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report