Sean Spicer hid in the bushes in the dark to avoid questions about James Comey’s firing

Sean Spicer has done quite a number of things to suggest that he’s not the most suited for his White House Press Secretary position. He’s gotten the names of too many public figures wrong to count. He’s tweeted his own password more than once. He has no idea how to talk to reporters. And last night, after his boss Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, it turns out Spicer went to great lengths not to talk to reporters.

According to the Washington Post, last night Sean Spicer hid in the White House bushes in the dark in order to try to avoid answering questions from reporters (link). But his plan failed, and he ended up agreeing to answer the questions of the reporters who had found him, though only on the condition that they agree not to film it and turn the lights off.

At that point Sean Spicer’s answers were about what you’d expect from Sean Spicer. At one point he spoke the string of words “That’s correct, I mean, I can’t, I guess I shouldn’t say that, thank you for the help on that one,” sounding like someone who was ordering from a fast food menu for the first time. Spicer is always ill prepared to ask questions, but his responses suggested the White House staff had been given no lead time to prepare for the shocking firing.

And yet the Comey firing was so controversial that even the specter of the White House Press Secretary hiding in the White House bushes in the dark to avoid the questions of reporters wasn’t enough to become a lead story. On any other day, in any other administration, such a specter would become the stuff of legend. Come to think of it, we wonder if Melissa McCarthy is hiding in the bushes right now, rehearsing Saturday Night Live scenes as we speak. Help fund Palmer Report

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