Mike Pence caught in apparent lie over Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey

By now it’s nearly a given that Donald Trump is going to lie about any situation where he doesn’t like the truth, and that low expectation has become factored in. But it’s a different story for Mike Pence, is viewed by many as the supposed adult in the administration, and who is essentially auditioning for the role of president if and when Trump is ousted for his scandals. So it’s notable that Pence may have just been caught up in a major lie regarding the firing of James Comey.

Earlier this year Mike Pence lied about Michael Flynn’s contacts with the Russian Ambassador, and then tried to get himself off the hook with the premise that Flynn had lied to him. In fact Flynn was supposedly forced to resign specifically because Flynn lied to him. But as far as Pence goes, he only gets to use that trick once. Now he’s telling an apparent lie about Comey and the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Pence is repeating Donald Trump’s claim that Comey had told Trump he wasn’t under investigation, according to John Harwood of CNBC (link). It’s been widely presumed that Trump was lying about this to begin with, both because it doesn’t sound like something Comey would have said to him regarding an ongoing investigation, and because Trump has a track record of nearly always lying in these situations.

But now Pence is repeating that apparent lie. And if James Comey ends up confirming during his inevitable upcoming public testimony that he never spoke those words to Trump, then it will mean that Pence has now been caught repeating a blatant Trump administration lie about a crucial matter for the second time. If Pence does end up inheriting the remainder of Trump’s term, his ongoing lies will be swiftly thrown in his face, leaving him awash in scandal himself. Help fund Palmer Report

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