It’s not just one indictment: Robert Mueller is bringing the house against Donald Trump

On Friday evening, Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed the first criminal charges in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. As a reminder of just how far ahead of the rest of us he’s been throughout this entire process, we still don’t know for sure whom the charges were filed against. But here’s the truly remarkable part about how aggressively this investigation is being carried out: it’s not just the one indictment.

Based on Friday’s news surrounding former CIA Director James Woolsey and U.S. Attorney Dana Boente, it appears the charges filed on Friday were against Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn (link). There are also some who believe the charges are instead against Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. For we all we know, it could be both of them. Either way, Friday’s criminal charges appear to have nothing to do with the fact that Trump’s former advisers Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer may have just flipped on him last week.

Lest anyone think that Mueller’s plan is to simply file criminal charges against Trump’s dirtiest-looking advisers and then sit back as they fret over whether to flip, it’s clear he has several other strategies going on here at the same time. The testimony Mueller just secured from Priebus and Spicer may have put him in position to bring imminent criminal charges against Donald Trump Jr, an eventual indictment of Donald Trump himself, or both.

So even as Friday’s criminal charges rightly capture the public’s attention, and we prepare to learn which of Donald Trump’s associate(s) are about to get arrested on Monday, keep in mind that this is merely one isolated aspect of Robert Mueller’s overarching gameplan. He’s managed to keep most of what he’s doing a secret at any given time – which means he’s pursuing investigative angles we haven’t even heard about yet. Simply put, Mueller is bringing the house against Trump. Contribute to Palmer Report

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