Sebastian Gorka has revealing meltdown after Robert Mueller brings Trump-Russia criminal charges

After it was revealed on Friday night that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had filed the first criminal charges in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, a number of Trump’s advisers and associates promptly began having total meltdowns on Twitter for all to see. It quickly became clear that none of the advisers knew whether or not they themselves had been charged. One meltdown in particular, from former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka, was rather revealing.

Gorka, an alleged neo-Nazi and confirmed xenophobic racist, is not known to have had any involvement in Donald Trump’s collusion efforts with Russia during the election. However, his tweets immediately following the news of the criminal charges were noteworthy, as he appeared to rather defiantly take it personally. Gorka tweeted the following in reference to Mueller: “If this man’s team executes warrants this weekend he should stripped of his authority by Donald Trump. Then HE should be investigated.”

The first question here is whether Gorka’s angrily defiant response might be a sign that he fears he might be criminally charged. With what? There’s no way of knowing. But even if this was just Gorka taking it personally that Mueller is about to arrest some of his Trump team associates, it points to the brinksmanship that may be forthcoming. By law, Trump can’t fire Mueller. That power lies in the hands of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Trump can try to fire Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in the hope of elevating someone in the Department of Justice who’s willing to fire Mueller.

Sebastian Gorka appears to be trying to get a piece of advice to Donald Trump: fire everyone right now. What’s particularly notable is that Gorka is specifically talking about Robert Mueller executing warrants this weekend. But Trump has consistently struggled with these kinds of decisions and drawn them out – meaning it may be too late for him to take Gorka’s desperate advice.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report