House Intel Committee investigation of Trump-Russia goes totally bonkers

This past week, even as the Republicans in Congress began trying to smear the reputation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the hope of delegitimizing his eventual findings, the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee did two things. First, it spread the word that it might be wrapping up its own Trump-Russia investigation any day now. Second, it paradoxically began ramping up its investigation. Based on its latest move, the committee just gave away its true intentions.

The House Intel Committee just interviewed two of the most crucial people in Donald Trump’s corrupt financial empire. The first is Rhona Graff, his longtime personal scheduler who has all of his secrets. The second is Felix Sater, his longtime real estate business partner who just happens to be a convicted Russian mafia money launderer. These are two people who can easily put Trump in prison for life. They’re the star witnesses in any investigation into Trump’s lifetime of financial crimes.

So how did the committee deal with them? By interviewing them in New York City, where they live, instead of in Washington DC. It’s still not clear why this move was made, but there is no possible above-board explanation for this. There are obvious hijinks involved here. The Republican-controlled committee is screwing with the two interviews which, if done properly, could expose Trump’s financial crimes. This is some kind of weird attempt at doing a half baked or compromised interview, so the committee can say it interviewed the two of them, while making sure Trump’s financial crimes aren’t exposed in the process.

It’s now clear what the House Intel Committee is doing. It’s quickly interviewing every witness that Robert Mueller has interviewed or plans to interview, so it can release a phony “exoneration” of Donald Trump before Mueller can get around to painstakingly proving that Trump is a career criminal. The Republicans can’t stop Mueller from exposing those crimes, so they’re going to preemptively muddy the waters in the court of public opinion by declaring Trump innocent. They’re conducting faulty interviews with every possible witness, so they can say they grilled everyone involved and found that Trump did nothing wrong. Nice try, GOP. Mueller will nail them all anyway.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report