Resignations, warning shots, and shouting matches: Donald Trump’s Christmas from hell

Donald Trump departed the White House on Friday for a Christmas vacation in Florida. No one has much of any idea what’s set to transpire during the roughly ten days he’ll spend holed up at his golf resort, least of all him. That’s partly because Trump is too psychologically unstable to be able to predict his own behavior, and partly because he is definitely not in control of anything that’s going on around him.

Take, for instance, the fact that he inexplicably invited his mercurial former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski into an Oval Office meeting on Thursday. Lewandowski reportedly ended up just yelling at everyone in the room, and then continued yelling at people after the meeting, and then yelled some more before leaving the White House grounds. It turns out Lewandowski had just been informed that he was being brought in for questioning about his role in the Trump-Russia scandal, so perhaps he had good reason to be on edge. But that was just a symbol of the frayed chaos that Trump and his people are suddenly facing.

The media has spent the past week insisting that Trump was about to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Here we are at the end of the week, and as Palmer Report predicted, that has not happened. Instead, Mueller has used the week to fire several warning shots at Trump and his people. Mueller has all of the transition team emails. Mueller also has documents from the White House Counsel confirming that Trump knew he was committing obstruction of justice. Translation: it’s far too late to fire him. Mueller is far from the only one taking warning shots at Trump and his people.

The U.S. Attorney in New York just seized Jared Kushner’s overseas banking records, a reminder that Donald Trump and his family face criminal prosecution far beyond what Mueller can do to them. Even Steve Bannon is taking a thinly veiled warning shot at Trump by reminding everyone that Trump is an accused child rapist. By the way, Bannon was just informed he’s being brought in for Trump-Russia questioning as well. Oh, and Mueller may have a spy in Trump’s ranks. No wonder Trump and his goons are melting down. Merry Christmas!

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report