John McCain rips into “half baked” and “unpatriotic” Donald Trump

Senator John McCain was awarded the Liberty Medal on Monday night by his longtime personal friend and political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. McCain, who is a war hero and is currently battling potentially fatal brain cancer, could have used his acceptance speech to address just about anything he wanted. He decided to use his speech to rip Donald Trump to pieces.

John McCain managed to go his entire speech without mentioning Trump’s name, even as he took shot after clear shot at him. At one point McCain was condemning Trump for his “half-baked, spurious nationalism” while calling him “unpatriotic” and condemning him to the “ash heap of history.” It’s not clear why McCain decided to use this particular event to rip Trump a new one. It’s possible that McCain was offended by the news earlier in the day that Trump still hadn’t called the families of the four U.S. soldiers who were killed in action nearly two weeks ago.

Trump famously attacked McCain for having been a prisoner of war when he was first entering the 2016 election, yet the Republican Party did little to try to prevent Trump from seizing the nomination. Trump now talks almost obsessively about others “disrespecting the flag” and “disrespecting the military” but he’s showing no such respect himself.

John McCain has also recently ripped into Donald Trump for having refused to implement new sanctions against Russia, even after Trump reluctantly signed the sanctions into law. Republican Senator Bob Corker, who is retiring in a year, has also ripped into Trump recently.

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