Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice admits Donald Trump’s wiretap claim is nonsense

Now that the House and Senate Intelligence Committees have unanimously rejected Donald Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, and even Fox News is distancing itself from the claim, it turns out Trump is being rebuked on the issue by his own administration. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice is now confirming that there is nothing to substantiate Trump’s claims.

Sessions and his DOJ came under pressure from the intel committees, which were demanding that any evidence supporting Trump’s wiretap claim be turned over by today. Accordingly, the DOJ sent a report to Congress this evening. And as announced on-air by NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian during the Chris Matthews MSNBC show Hardball tonight, that report confirms there was nothing to Trump’s allegations.

Dilanian stated “The Justice Department presented some documents today to the intelligence committees, pursuant to a request, ‘Hey is there any evidence, give us all the documents related to surveillance of Trump Tower.’ And a congressional source tells me that an initial reading of that shows again, no evidence to support it.”

This is crucial, because the DOJ report in question could not have made its way to Congress unless the office of Attorney General Jeff Sessions signed off on it. This means that, with the Republicans in Congress and even Trump’s favorite TV channel Fox News unwilling to stick their necks out and pretend Trump’s claim is valid, even Trump’s Attorney General is now distancing himself from it. Sessions wasn’t given much of a choice. But he was only pinned down because some Republicans on these committees joined the Democrats in forcing Sessions to pick a side.

With Donald Trump having placed so many of his chips on his phony Obama wiretap claim, how will he react now that the Republicans in Congress and his own Attorney General are hanging him out to dry on it? (Contribute to Palmer Report) Watch Ken Dilanian reveal the news on MSNBC hardball:



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