White House whistleblower tweets embarrassing details about Donald Trump and advisors

This week has seen a number of federal agencies going rogue against Donald Trump’s authoritarian and unstable tenure in the White House, by launching unofficial Twitter accounts that he can’t shut down. Now it turns out one of Trump’s own White House staffers has apparently gone rogue as well, anonymously leaking details on Twitter which he claims to have gotten from the inside. Some of the revelations are eye opening to say the least.

The most stunning claim is that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is already so uncomfortable that he considered resigning ahead of a television appearance this past Sunday so that he would’t have to get dragged into Trump’s increasingly embarrassing lies about his inauguration attendance numbers. Another claim from the supposed White House insider is that Trump only wants to launch his mythical “voter fraud” investigation in the states he lost, even though staffers have explained to him that he would need to investigate states on both sides in order to avoid looking bad.

The Resistance is coming from inside the White House

Donald Trump also had to be talked down from calling up the Senators who voted against his United Nations Ambassador nominee Nikki Haley and and threatening them. And finally, Trump is so unsure of what he’s doing when it comes to trying to find a replacement for ObamaCare that he doesn’t even know what a “high risk pool” is. Again, these details are coming from someone who claims to be a White House staffer, but who obviously can’t prove his status without compromising his identity, which would surely lead to his firing. But the story gets odder.

The whistleblower in question was tweeting from @WhiteHouseLeak but that account has since disappeared, though the Daily Dot has archived the tweets. Donald Trump would have no legal authority to get the account shut down. And for that matter if it had been suspended, the page would say so; instead it simply says the account doesn’t exist. This likely means that the individual in question deleted the account, but may have already returned to Twitter under another name.

Now another Twitter account at @WhiteHouseLeaks is claiming to be the same individual, but that can’t be proven — so we’ll see if the rogue account goes full Watergate.

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