What are the odds?

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I’d like to tell you a story of being special – of being singled out for glory, realizing that you are in fact, one in a million. It all started with a single email. “You are NOT permitted to share this email with anyone.”

Everybody wants to be special. Being told one is unique, that they’re One in a million — can cause headiness. Endorphins are released in the brain of the anointed one. It can resemble a false high of sorts. Some people feel like they could move mountains, especially if the one remarking on their specialness is someone they look up to and count on.
“I’m emailing you today because I cannot do it alone.”

For the person reading these words, they may appeal right to the ego. They are designed to. And think of this lone person to whom this complimentary email is so lovingly sent. The emailer is telling the email recipient that they cannot do it alone, that they need, they crave the help of this recipient. “I need my top 47.”

OK — so it isn’t just them. There are 46 OTHER people receiving this email. But only 47 in a sea of millions? Surely, SURELY they’re being selected still means something. Surely it means they are unique. “The select few patriots in the official trump 47 club will be ones I rely on. And will provide me with the insight and support to RECLAIM America.”

Wow! He means ME! He wants to listen to me! I imagine a flush starts to spread over the email recipient’s face. It’s like Cupid shot his arrow, and now they’ve fallen in love with this rare and precious email. I’ll do anything I can to help, they may silently vow.

“Invitations like this don’t come around often, so please do NOT miss this.” Oh, the email has them now. They’re almost feverish with excitement. What is it you need? Anything, anything! “Please contribute $47 IMMEDIATELY, and you’ll instantly join the ranks as 1 of the 47 patriots to join the official Trump 47 club.”

This was the email waiting in my inbox. I am not one in 47. I am one of many millions. Being one in a million rarely happens, and when it does, it isn’t always a good thing. Only some do not understand this. And for the few who do NOT know this, I imagine Trump got a pretty hefty return.

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