Tucker Carlson loses his mind about chicken

Fox News has not had an easy time of it lately. Its ratings are down since its boss, the former guy, lost in a humiliating landslide in the 2020 Presidential election. So it does stand to reason that some of the hosts of the fake news network would do just about anything to get some of those lost viewers back.

And nobody on Fox has been trying harder to do just that than nobody’s favorite racist, one Tucker Carlson. Tucker’s guests and antics are getting seemingly stranger by the week. Now, the preppy host has outdone himself.

I am speaking of chickens. You read that right. You see, the CDC has issued guidelines on recent outbreaks of Salmonella. The outbreaks are linked to backyard poultry. The CDC is taking this very seriously as it should and has advised people not to eat food around them or to hug and snuggle them. This could lead to more outbreaks.

For some inexplicable reason, this offended Tucker. Perhaps he owns some chickens? Tucker brought on a guest who describes herself as a “Chicken enthusiast.” to dispute these CDC guidelines. Her name is Tiara Soleim, and if the name sounds familiar, it is because she was also a contestant on “The Bachelor.”

I guess being on the Bachelor might qualify you to know more than the CDC (sarcasm there). “It feels like you’ve been singled out by the CDC for criticism,” the alien named Tucker Carlson ranted. “How does that feel?”


Soleim went on to describe her love of shoving her face in the chickens and loving on them. Then she suggested the CDC was “looking for something else to control.” So now we can add Chickens to the long list of Tucker grievances. I appreciate the love many have for their chickens, but somehow I think we should listen to the CDC on this one.

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