Trump and Giuliani make another desperate move

Rudy Giuliani is baiting the crowd by coyly telling the media that Donald Trump may allow Robert Mueller an interview if there are no questions aimed at causing Trump to commit perjury. This is a laughable statement, because it is impossible to commit perjury if you tell the truth. Perjury isn’t an accidental hole you step into where you sue the homeowner for damages. Perjury is the guy shoveling out his own grave at gunpoint.

You don’t get in trouble for perjury unless you lie. Rudy Giuliani saying Trump shouldn’t be baited into committing perjury, is like saying Donald Trump shouldn’t be asked questions that will provoke him to lie or to go back on his word. Well Rudy, why don’t you write us an essay on why you shouldn’t lie, except don’t use any nouns or adjectives, please.

Speaking of impossible missions, Mueller and the Giuliani-Sekulow team have been in negotiations over whether Trump will sit down with Mueller to be interviewed, formally or informally. Mueller made an offer to the Trump team and we now know that a counter-offer was given in writing to the Mueller team from Trump’s representatives. Rudy made sure to tell the media it was a “good faith offer,” which is a good indication that it was a piece of stinking crap offer that is only meant to have the veneer of negotiating to appease the judge. Normally an attorney using the phrase “good faith offer” would engender a sense of honesty and trustworthiness, but coming from team Trump, it sounds more like sarcasm and baiting. One main issue at stake is if Mueller should be allowed to question Trump about obstruction of justice.

Giuliani says he wants this interview to take place because he wants this over by September 1st. Giuliani isn’t allowed to put a deadline on the investigation and is in no position to do so. In addition, the investigation’s net is widening and shows no evidence of losing momentum. Manafort’s second criminal trial is scheduled for September 17th. That will be the Manafort trial that has the most bearing on Trump’s situation as related to Manafort and potential campaign fraud. No matter how often Trump and his legal team deny everything to the media, the Mueller team is continuing to push forward, as he faithfully takes down the peripheral players and closes in on Trump himself.