Rudy Giuliani has demented late night freakout

After Rudy Giuliani screwed up last week and revealed on live national television that the Trump-Russia meeting at Trump Tower was more sophisticated than had been previously known, Donald Trump seemed to bench him. Trump subsequently dusted off the likes of Jay Sekulow and Kellyanne Conway just to avoid sending Rudy on television. So instead, Rudy threw his focus into trying to get an old colleague elected in Chicago. Let’s just say that it’s going, well, rather hysterically badly for him.

The trouble actually began at the beginning of the week, when Rudy Giuliani tweeted “Let’s get on board for Jerry McCarthy” in the race for Mayor of Chicago, even though the candidate is named Garry McCarthy – and again, these two are old colleagues. Then Rudy tried criticizing existing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, spelling his name wrong while insisting that there had been “63 murders this weekend” in the city. This turned out to be wildly incorrect.

Respondents immediately began pointing out that there had been no more than a dozen murders. Finally, last night, Rudy tweeted this: “Is it 74 wounded, 12 dead last weekend in Chicago? God bless them all and God bless Chicago. They deserve better than their Mayor. I know Mayors can save lives. Let’s give Garry McCarthy a chance.” So now he’s gone from claiming there were 63 murders, to admitting there were just 12 murders. When he said Mayors can save lives, maybe he’s referring to the 51 people he had just brought back to life in his own deluded mind.

Rudy Giuliani’s other highlights this week included tweeting “Hate me” when he presumably meant “Hate ’em” instead, and tweeting this passage which we initially thought was from a parody account: “There is a moron on Fox claiming I chain smoke cigarettes worrying about the President’s tweets. Don’t smoke cigarettes.”

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report