This is just embarrassing for Susan Collins

There are so many corrupt members of the GOP it would be pretty challenging to pick the MOST corrupt. And different members have various ways of showing their corruption. Some make it pretty obvious. Others hide it beneath a mask of “independence” and the attempt to convince constituents they are good at working across party lines.

Susan Collins most definitely falls into the latter group. I’ve just about had it with Collins, but before I get into the weeds on why let me ask you a question.

I like to use this analogy to explain why I think people like Collins are more dangerous in their ways than other more apparent sycophants like Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham.

Let’s say you were stranded on an island, and you had a choice of two people, one of whom would be your companion on said island.

This is what I call the “two sociopaths theory.”

Your first choice is a blatant asshole, an unfettered jerk, who tells you in no uncertain terms what and why they are.

The second is a bit of a murkier person. This person pretends to be your friend. But you see beneath the mask. You see deep behind the tight smile and vacant promises.

Who would you pick as your companion? I would choose number one. And this is because number one makes no bones about who and what they are. They are a known quantity.

Number two wears a mask. This person is a pretender and much more deceitful than number one. This type of person is Susan Collins in a nutshell.

Collins seems to finally have grasped that the whole country has turned on her. Because on Saturday, she put on her mask of righteous indignation regarding Roe v. Wade.

Per the Associated Press, during a committee hearing over the weekend, Collins declared the Texas handmaid law is “extreme, inhumane and unconstitutional.”

She also insisted Roe is “the law of the land.”

It is not hard to see why Collins is now saying this. Over the weekend, we had the marches. They were all over the place, and Collins has now seen the response to the vile Texas law.


I do not believe a word she says. Collins lost me a long time ago. She has been more interested in whining about how misunderstood she is than doing a thing to help and support women. Beneath her empty words, there appears to be virtually nothing there.

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