Matt Gaetz’s fate is now sealed

Matt Gaetz is cooked. His BFF Joel Greenberg is asking for another five months in order to rat out those above him in his sex trafficking schemes and crime spree. That’s a lot of time to sing. Besides implicating a congressman in his schemes, we wonder if Governor DeSantis isn’t part of the reason this is taking so long. And could there be a Trump in the swamp slurry also?

A lot of people are comparing Greenberg’s delays to what Mike Flynn did in his case. But these two scenarios are very different. Mike Flynn was out on bail and delaying for Barr to drop the charges or a pardon which he ultimately received. There is no pardon awaiting Greenberg. And also, prosecutors are supporting this delay which means they are profiting from Greenberg’s cooperation. Another factor is that Greenberg is suffering these delays in a county prison, no swank Federal camp for him. He’s probably lucky to get an hour in the concrete jail yard. The last thing someone in that situation wants is fruitless delays.


There’s speculation that Gaetz won’t be arrested for another five months but that is not necessarily so. The evidence against him could be complete and arrest could be imminent. Note also that people serving time in prison get indicted all the time for further crimes. Just because Joel might have sealed Matt Gaetz’s fate for a prison sentence doesn’t mean there aren’t many more to come.

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