This is all just falling apart for Donald Trump

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As one might expect, the American monster, also known as Individual one, iq4.5, Assolini, the lord of the lies, Putin’s poodle, and creep-o-Rama, went on a crazed bender of hate, anger, and rage after the last January 6 hearing was over.

Taking to his unimportant toy, Truth Social, Trump let loose in a very special diatribe that I suspect most human beings were not paying any attention to. Trump seemed to be into labels in this particular diatribe. He labeled Liz Cheney a loser, Hillary Clinton crooked, and CNN’s Jake Tapper a fake. But his angriest words were for Mitch McConnell.

Trump labeled Mitch a dishonest sleaze bag and said without him, Mitch would have lost in a landslide. I must admit it is entertaining to see Trump’s unhappiness. I suspect the orange maggot didn’t get much sleep the other night, which is just fine with us.

Trump is talking, but the thing is — fewer people are listening. Not that many individuals have Truth social accounts. Checking Twitter, it was pretty extraordinary to see how badly Trump was being mocked for his montage of outtakes.

Not that there were not a few Maga furiously defending him. But for every Maga comment, there were about a dozen mocking comments. Not bad for a night’s work! Trump will undoubtedly continue to lash out. He can’t help himself. And isn’t it great knowing there are more hearings to look forward to?

Trump is caught between a rock and an insurrection place. Everybody knows what he is. But like other narcissists before him, he will keep on keeping on with furious denials and hate-filled diatribes.

Not that they will get him anywhere. Because at the end of the day, the sum of Trump’s fears has come true. The sum of his fears was always being a loser. And now he wears the cloak of loser tightly. It will never come off. He has become that which he was always terrified of being. Score another one for the January 6 committee.

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